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Brian Cross

This is my friend Brian Cross. Brian has been paralyzed from the neck down for 22 years.(his life prognosis was 5 years at the most) Brian was attending a rock concert with friends and was body surfing on top of the crowd and ended up on the stage where he was met by the security guards, one of which asked "What's your problem?" to which Brian said "I don't have a problem." To which the security guard replied "Well now you do" as he picked Brian up and slammed him to the concrete stage breaking his neck. To make matters worse, the guards then dragged Brian outside negating any chance Brain ever had of walking again as his neck bobbed...

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Welcome to the Global Launch of God Made Millionaire ®

I am honored that you are here and let me say BOLDLY, that you are not here by accident. I want to personally invite you to become a member of our Official Facebook Community and connect with other like minded believers. We have a GLOBAL vision for God Made Millionaire® and will release that information in our Facebook community and on this blog. For now, be blessed, highly FAVORED and EMPOWERED to Prosper! Welcome! TC Bradley Founder

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