Brian Cross

This is my friend Brian Cross.

Brian has been paralyzed from the neck down for 22 years.(his life prognosis was 5 years at the most)

Brian was attending a rock concert with friends and was body surfing on top of the crowd and ended up on the stage where he was met by the security guards, one of which asked "What's your problem?" to which Brian said "I don't have a problem." To which the security guard replied "Well now you do" as he picked Brian up and slammed him to the concrete stage breaking his neck. To make matters worse, the guards then dragged Brian outside negating any chance Brain ever had of walking again as his neck bobbed and he yelled "You broke my neck!" They dumped him in a muddy pool of water where he almost drowned.

That was almost 22 years ago and as I have mentioned, the Doctors originally said Brian would be lucky to survive 5 years.

Brian now requires 24-7 around the clock care which he pays for from his legal settlement he received from the venue where he was injured.

After he received his settlement, a settlement that must be carefully used to pay for the care he will need for the rest of his life, according to Brian, his family used the Baker act to have him committed to the hospital and gain control of his took his lawyer 3 days to get him released and he has not spoken to his family in years, even though they only live a few miles Brian is completely alone except for his caregivers.

Brian has dealt with pain on a daily basis for the last 22 years.

Pain that most of us could not handle for a day.

On most days his pain level on a scale1-10 is a 12.

In spite of this, Brian LOVES the Lord and has a ministry to help troubled youth. He LOVES speaking to them and inspiring them to not take the path he took .

He has also enrolled with Oral Roberts Universty to do online studies.

2016 was a very bad year for Brian with most of the year spent in the hospital...he had to cancel his studies with ORU as well.

Brian was released in January and was home for less than a week when he had to be re-admitted to the hospital.

When I found out the news yesterday from Brian's primary caregiver I KNEW that Brian was really in bad shape...both health wise and emotional wise.

This was a MAJOR setback for Brian and I knew it.

Brians's pain level has increased to such a level that unless they can get it under control, they will have to put him in Hospice where stronger drugs can be administered...his life expectancy if he is admitted to hospice is less than 6 months.

I have never met Brian personally, only spoke on the phone, but when I found out the news yesterday, I canceled everything on my schedule and made plans to make the 4-hour drive to Orlando to see my friend.

I even went to bed early but then woke up around 2 am and got up and got my ipad and surfed online and it dawned on me, what does Brian do when he wakes up early?

He cannot grab his ipad, his phone, or even turn on the TV without someone's assistance...imagine being trapped in a body that you cannot control or move, a body that is wrecked with pain..but that's Brians life and has been for the last 22 years...and yet he still LOVES the Lord and wants to impact lives anyway he can.

Brian did not know I was coming and was so overcome with happiness, the tears just flowed when I walked into his room.

Brian was in bad shape... he pain level on a scale of 1-10 "was a billion" according to Brian.

I got Vickie on the phone and we prayed fro Brian...and let me tell you it was no ordinary prayer.

I had to leave the room after the prayer for about an hour while the staff worked on Brian, and I went put and got him a couple of gifts, including a t-shirt " Need More Tattoos" because Brian has quite a few of them from when he was younger. Brian feels his tattoos helps the younger kids relate to a matter of fact, the first thing Brian said when he saw the shirt was he would wear up the next time he spoke to the young people.

In addition, Brians pain level came down from a Billion to about a 7!

Brian is not out of the woods yet and unless the pain level stays down, it looks like Hospice is the route they are considering.

This does not have to be .

We serve a Supernatural God!

I am asking for several things for my friend.

#1. If you read this far, stop what you're doing and say a prayer fro my friend Brian...

#2. Consider sharing this post.

#3. The only thing Brian has to do during the day is watch TV...I want to change that.

Please consider sending Brian a card to Brian "T-Bone" Cross C/O Florida Hospital Altamonte, 601 E Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Spings. Florida, 32701 Room 2804(T-Bone is a nickname I gave Brian to make him laugh..I worked on educating his entire nursing staff of this nickname) Again, no phone calls as Brian is not able to answer a phone due to his condition.

#4. If any of you live in the Orlando area and can stop by and visit Brian, you would never find a soul more appreciative, and it would only take a few minutes of your day.Make sure you use the nickname I gave him as it really makes him laugh.

#5. The church folks that have a prayer list, please add Brian to the list.

#6. If any of you have any connections to Oral Roberts University and can let them know that one of their own needs prayer and encouragement, that would be great. (No financial help is being requested) Imagine if their students all wrote Brian a letter or card.

Let's send the gap for Brian and flood the gates of heaven with our prayers and the hospital with cards and visitors.

Brian does not know I am doing this, but I firmly believe with every fiber of my heart and soul, that with our prayers and encouragement, Brian will recover and not have to go into Hospice, and fulfill his life 's calling in ministering to young people