Christian Health Care

On Sept 30th, 2014, a year ago, I had a cardiac catheterization done. My hospital bill was $19,489.20. I submitted my bills to Christian Health Care Ministries the same week and I received a check for $11,693.52 from Christian Health Care Ministries to pay my bill in FULL! (within 90 days)

Because the hospital was receiving FAST payment they agreed to discount the bill by $7,795.68. For those of that wondered if this was for real...let me tell you it is. Vickie and I pay $300 a month($150 each for the gold plan)

This incident that was just covered was pre-existing yet it was covered 100%.

Christian Health Care covers $15k in the first year, 25k in the second year and $50k in the 3rd year for any pre-existing condition. After the 3rd year it is no longer a pre-existing condition.

I challenge anyone to show me an insurance company that has paid any faster!

If you are a believer and paying high health premiums, stop the madness NOW and join a group where Christians help other Christians with their medical expenses.

You can sign up online and be covered today and YES this qualifies under the Obamacare Act,(even though technically it is not insurance)

*Please mention TC Bradley if you do sign up as Vickie and I get a free month for every referral. (our Member # is 173364)

Please consider sharing this status!

*Vital check information has been blurred out for security reasons.