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1 on 1 Coaching with TC

One on One Coaching Opportunities With TC Bradley. Investment is required. However, because you’re a member, you’ll get a special discount.
This is very limited as TC can only hold so many one on one coaching calls. However, the objective is to help you get more clarity, direction, and focus on your goals and dreams!

Become a Guest

God Made Millionaire TV has now entered it’s second season and has already featured over 50 special guests.People who have taken the leap of faith to activate their God Given Dream and share their story with over 200 nations.
Investment is required with special discounts for members only. Space is limited due to production scheduling.

Publish a Book

How long are you going to sit on that brilliant idea you came up with? Time is not waiting for you, so why wait for time? You have something valuable to share with the world. If you’ve been called to write a book, you don’t have to go at it alone.
What if we could help you, not only get your book published, but as a Best Seller Establish instant celebrity status and credibility for your brand

God Made Millionaire Inner Circle Monthly Training

Hop in the trenches with TC Bradley and JL Ferren as they discuss business principles and concepts that will help you take your own business/dream to the next level. Engage with the group during live Q&A sessions that will help give you even more insight. Note: Group Coaching will begin soon. We are doing special teachings for our inner circle at the studio, so we want to get that situated first. 😉


God Made Millionaire Video Masterclass This POWERFUl video program will have over 13 POWERFUL video modules and will be priced at $497 when released. People LOVE TC’s Video Teachings and “The God Made Millionaire Video Masterclass” will deliver life-changing inspiration for activating your God-given dream.
~ TC Bradley
I have often wondered if they could experience that level of “Supernatural Success” just by reading the book, what could happen if someone actually went through a POWERFUL video masterclass where I really explained these teachings in-depth.Well, the wait is over!

~ TC Bradley

Bundle Packages

Discover the exact spiritual laws TC Bradley used to generate over $1.3 Million Dollars In Online Sales and was able to beat out Oprah in website traffic. This is a very important aspect of our Success Academy! It’s literally what has allowed us to launch a TV Show and speak to the nations.

Finally, the missing puzzle piece that will help you activate your God given dream and make it a reality! You’re just one instruction away! God Made Millionaire TV was born from this book! Consider this your instruction guide for success

God Made Millionaire Swag

We have seven different sizes!

God Made Millionaire TV

God Made Millionaire TV kicked off it’s first season in February 0f 2020 with over 16 guests before a single episode even aired. As the first few episodes began rolling out, the world was suddenly hit with the COVID-19 Pandemic causing catastrophe all over and shutting down many businesses across the United States.
In fact, TC Bradley  was asked by The Word Network if he wanted to take the show off the air to save money and come back at a better time. Many major ministries who were a part of The Word Network did just that. They moved to later hours, showed re-runs, or simply tapped out all together. You cannot have the hottest show on the planet and tap out!
However,  TC declined because he said God called him to do this show and he’s going to do it. He went on to feature over 40 faith based entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and industry leaders who were able to share their story and activate their God Given Dream with over 200 nations and over 100 million homes at a prime time slot for Sunday Morning and Sunday Night on 2 networks!
God Made Millionaire TV kicked off it’s second season in March of 2021, a year after the pandemic. The show started out with it’s first two months of production completely booked out before airing a single episode. TC Bradley came with a new attitude by walking fearlessly through uphill challenges, featuring new guests, and a new set that showed everyone that “This Aint Season 1” 
The enemy did everything in its power to keep Season 2 off the air with tough negotiations being faced for time slots and production/media challenges. The challenges were so tough that it seemed we were going to officially end it all.
God saw us through those challenges and actually put our show on Sunday Afternoons at 3:30pm EST, right after TD Jakes. A highly coveted time slot that many would dream of having, but that was especially chosen for God Made Millionaire TV.  We Built It! God has Ordained it! And Now it’s Your Time to activate your God Given Dream throughout our show, God Made Millionaire TV!

God Made Millionaire Library

The God Made Millionaire Library contains all the books that have been featured on God Made Millionaire TV. Many of the books have even been published through TC Bradley’s publishing company and have went on to become #1 Best Sellers.
The content inside these books are packed with valuable and actionable content you can use to aid in pursuing your own dreams.  Each author admitted to over 200 nations and over 93 million homes on national television, that God helped direct their path and now you’ll get the full story on how that happened.
Be Inspired, Be Empowered, and Be Amazed at what God does through his people as you go through the God Made Millionaire Library. Maybe we’ll see your book in there one day, if it’s not in there already! -JL Ferren

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