"Here's How TC Bradley Beat Out Oprah Winfrey In Website Traffic And Generated Over a Million Dollars In Sales His First Year Online"

Once You Have A Plan In Place To Activate Your God Given Dream, It’s Time To Take Action!

Remember the story I shared with you about how I received that devastating phone call from my ex business partner and how he terminated our business and I literally lost a multi-million dollar company. 

This was a huge loss for Vickie and I. 

I was completely devestated and for a moment I cried out to God asking “Why Me!?”

I Had To Face My Current Reality And Manifest A New One

I want you to imagine for a moment, losing everything… 

Imagine what it would be like to lose your job, your home, your business… Losing everything is such a devestating feeling, it’s like a knife piercing right through the heart. 

Maybe this isn’t something you have to imagine. Maybe you’ve been there. Maybe you feel your there right now. 

Well let me tell you this, losing everything is not possible. It’s just an illusion. Even though it looks real and even feels real… There’s an enemy that wants you to believe that you’ve lost everything. That you’ve lost this battle called life, so that you can give up and give in. 

I could have easily called it quits  and went to a corporate 9-5 job and tucked that dream away for some other day. Many of my friends and family would have supported that decision and said it would have been the “realistic” thing to do in my situation. 

You have to be careful about this “being realistic” statement because many times it’s wrapped in one crucial thing that can derail your million dollar dream in an instant!

In fact, I actually call this: 

The Million Dollar Roadblock

WARNING:  Here’s The One Word That Will Block A God Given Dream In An Instant


The biggest roadblock to producing wealth and prosperity in your life is a little four-letter word called FEAR. Make no mistake about it, FEAR chases money away, it chases wealth away, and it chases abundance away out of your life quicker than anything else I know of.

It is absolutely a repellent to wealth into your life.  

But what the enemy doesn’t understand about FEAR is that it can be crushed by an even more powerful word. 

Again fear is a little four-letter word that causes people to believe they’ve lost everything. 

However, there’s a BIG five-letter word that moves mountains, restores hope, and fulfills promises!

That word is FAITH!

And it’s because of my faith that I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and get back into the trenches of walking in my God Given Dream!

Fear told me to give up…

FAITH told me to GET UP!

Fear told me to be realistic…

FAITH told me to be optimistic! 

Fear reminded me of my past…

FAITH reminded  me of my future. 

 The God I serve is the one who orchestrates the divine providence in my life. He is in control and his laws are what determine my future. 

It was at that moment, I had to remind myself that, “I Am A God Made Millionaire!”

I had to remember the spiritual laws that generate wealth and prosperity. Laws from God that cannot be broken!

The same spiritual laws that allowed me to beat Oprah in website traffic.

The same spiritual laws that allowed me to generate $1,000,000 Dollars In Sales Within 2 Years!

The same spiritual laws that allowed me to write not one, but three #1 Best Sellers, even beating out Joel Osteen and TD Jakes for a day or two. 

The same spiritual laws that landed me multiple television appearances and even my own Television Show – God Made Millionaire TV!

This is exactly why I don’t worry about skeptics or anyone who wants to argue theology. 

Those that want to argue theology with me can save their time right now. I have no interest in engaging in such time-wasting activities. I am too busy running my successful businesses to be concerned with you or your opinions and I make no apologies for that success.

Besides that, a man with a testimony beats a man with a theory any day of the week!

Because of my faith and the spiritual laws I’ll be breaking down for you, I was able to do some amazing things in business.

And that’s exactly why I want to introduce you to: 

The Supernatural Success 2020 Bundle
Spiritual Laws Edition

Getting back on my feet and back into the trenches was no tall task. There will be times when you are in the mist of your comeback, that the little fat man will hop on your shoulder and try to discourage you. He’ll try to remind you of your past and remind you of your failures.

This is when you have to dig deep and implement the spirtual laws that work every time they’re applied! Every time! 

Cody Butler
Cody ButlerCEO and Founder of Legacy Worldwide and host of the "1 On One Show with Damon Davis" and "The Zoe Life Show"
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"I've had the fortune and in some cases misfortune over the past decade to work with a significant number of "Industry Leaders" which qualifies me to say that TC Bradley is undoubtedly a Leader amongst Leaders."
Timothy Darnell
Timothy Darnell
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"This Book is Potentially Life Changing for Everybody! If you are going through a tough time or know you need to make a change in your life, this is THE book you should read now!" #powerful
Patricia Burgess
Patricia Burgess
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"I wasn't shopping for a book and don't remember how I stumbled upon TC's book, but I bought it 3 days ago. And wow, TC's book was a divine setup for me. It spoke so relative to where I am in my life and where I desire to go. It brought great insight into the spiritual principles that I need to implement right now in order for God to fulfill His plan for my life."
Mel Deppen
Mel Deppen
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"What you'll find in this book is a very simplistic road map to the path of wealth and success. I've read countless business and wealth building books and this is by far one of the best reads. Today, people are so busy in their lives that they don't have the time or patience to delve into something complicated. Most people want to hear 1-2-3 "tell me what to do". That's what Supernatural Success delivers. Period."

Here's What You'll Get Immediate Access To:

$997 Value

Supernatural Success (Uncensored)

It’s the version that wasn’t broadcasted to the public. The 1 on 1 interview Damon Davis did with TC Bradley about Supernatural Success and the spirtual laws he implemented. 

You’ll discover specific laws TC Bradley used to beat out Oprah Winfrey in website traffic and generate over a Million In Sales Online.

$97 Value

The Supernatural Success Bonus Training Video

If you don’t know the law, you’re bound to break it. However, spiritual laws cannot be broken and in this video TC gives you the action plan you need to succeed. 

This is a never before released training video, you’ll get instant access to lessons that weren’t included in the Supernatural Success book.

$19.95 Value

Digital Version of
God Made Millionaire

Before this book was published, I put a post on LinkedIn talking about the upcoming release of this book and an Atheist responded with some counsel. “Teach your business lessons but leave the Supernatural out of it.”

I will tell you the same thing that I told him. For me, that is an impossibility. My entire life has been a supernatural experience. What he may call “coincidence” I call GOD. The Proof is in my life and the proof is in this book!

$9.95 Value

God Made Millionaire Audio Book

Listen to each and every powerful chapter of Supernatural Success while driving in your car or relaxing in your home. 

TC Bradley will share all the powerful spiritual laws he used to implement one heck of a comeback!

Here's Why We Could Realistically Charge $1,124

When Damon Davis interviewed TC Bradley, it was in a private studio. In fact, it was the same studio that Creflo Dollar uses to record his shows. To gain access to the private set where this exclusive interview was recorded and produced, see the behind the scenes activity, and access the private green room, it would cost you $300 per hour to experience that.

 A half-day (4 hours) experience where you’d see never before released training from TC and all of his clients and see all that goes into producing a quality global show that is broadcasted in front of an audience of 200 nations and 93 Million Homes in the United States. That experience alone would be worth every penny and you would walk away with a million dollar model that has already been tested and proven.

However, one of the reasons we can offer this price is because we’re not shipping you anything. You get all the videos, the book, the audio and all the bonuses (found below) INSTANTLY!

Because of that, we’re releasing, “The God Made Millionaire Success & Prosperity Activation Bundle” at the lowest rate possible…

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As I mentioned earlier, with "The Supernatural Success 2020 Bundle - Spiritual Laws Edition"everything is digital, meaning you'll get Instant Access to everything after you order. You'll be able to download the e-book in Adobe PDF format right from our web site. No Physical Product will be shipped, which means no waiting!

Please note: We will not be able to offer a refund on this bundle because everything is being given to you in digital format. We're also doing a limited time offer and offering it to you at over 90% off what we could realistically charge. With that being said, you'll have our full support.

If you have any issues, questions, or concerns with your order at any point, you can reach out to our CEO JL Ferren directly and get a detailed response on what you need to do. His email is JL@GodMadeMillionaire.com and he usually responds within 24 to 48 hours.

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Principles About Money That Change Lives

We reached back into the archives to pull out this powerful episode about financial principles. Damon Davis invterviews TC Bradley about the Truth on Money and how we can obtain true wealth and prosperity.

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