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God Made Millionaire TV - (2 Seasons)
Sunday at 3:30pm EST

This Sunday On God Made Millionaire TV 

Is prayer a waste of time? When people say “Our thoughts and prayers are with you”… is that just a cliche? Does prayer actually work? 

Does God really answer prayers? How would you even know?? 

In this episode of God Made Millionaire TV, TC Bradley sits down with Chad Burmeister, who is an author and the CEO of his own tech company. 

After a terrifying accident involving his son Brendon, Chad’s faith was challenged. Chad and his family knew they could only turn to one solution to save him. That solution… was prayer! 

Chad says he not only believes in the power of prayer, but talks about the unique approaches he takes towards prayer that allow him and many others to grow closer to God. 

The good thing about Chad’s approach is that it’s all biblical. This allowed Chad to come up with a powerful idea that will have you looking at prayer in the way God fully intended, while allowing you to help save lives in the process.

You too can grow closer to God with this! 

To find out what it is, tune in this Sunday at 3:30pm EST on The Word Network, right after TD Jakes and you can stream it by going to GodMadeMillionaire.com/live Don’t miss it!

Title: Growing Closer To God

Host: TC Bradley

Chad Burmeister