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There Has NEVER Been A Time In Our Life When The Need To Learn These Spiritual Laws That Lead To Supernatural Success Has Been More URGENT!

TC Bradley’s Supernatural Success Video Masterclass!

From the Desk of TC Bradley

I remember I was sitting in my office one day and I took a call from a close business friend of mine.

He was putting on a Crypto currency event at NASDQ, on Wall Street, and had not sold a ticket.

He felt defeated, and very frustrated, and very fearful of having to cancel this event and lose out on some substantial deposits he had placed to secure the facilities for the event.

I could hear the fear in his voice as he spoke to me that afternoon.

I talked with him about some of the concepts of my new book that I had just released, “Supernatural Success” and gave him some additional insights that I felt might help him.

He told me he was ordering the book that day.

45 days later he was calling me up inviting me to his SOLD-OUT event on Wall Street!

He credits the principals he learned in my “Supernatural Success” book for his success.

Not only that, but he also had secured New York World Series Winning Manager, Joe Girardi, to come and make an appearance at his event!

That event produced in excess of $300,000 for my business friend, within 45 days of reading my “Supernatural Success” book.

His accomplishment and TRANSFORMATION were so amazing, I asked him to write the forward to my next book “God Made Millionaire” he not only agreed to do that, but he also shared the story I just shared with you in that introduction.

Sadly, we lost him during the pandemic, but what a legacy he left.

“Three days before the Christmas of 2017, I had a vision of doing an event in New York Times Square of experts speaking at NASDAQ. I wasn’t clear on who was going to speak. Over time, it became clear that it would be CEO’s in the niche. About the same time, TC published his book “Supernatural Success”.

In TC’s book, Supernatural Success he mentions, “Life can change for you in a moment.”

From conception to reality in a period of less than 90 days, resulted in one of the biggest events in the space, held in Times Square New York where CEO’s came in from around the world.

End Result, a high six-figure revenue. I never doubted that I could pull it off with the help of Supernatural Success…

TC Bradley is the quintessential leader and mentor”

T Allen Hanes

We lost Mr. Hanes during the Covid Crisis.

We honor his memory and legacy by sharing his inspirational story with others, hoping that it will inspire them to activate their God given dreams, like Mr. Hanes did, and it serves as a reminder to us all that tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

Then there was the time, I received an email from a single Mom whose Father had sent her the Supernatural Success book as her Birthday gift, which was in the month of December, who after only reading the first 3 chapters generated over $10,000,

Again, in the month of December!

That’s the wonderful thing about what I reach in my Supernatural Success book.

These spiritual laws are timeless, and work in any economy, and they do not discriminate.

It doesn’t matter if you are the high-powered business executive, or the single mom, and they sure do not care how many times that you have failed. 

While I celebrated their success and was overjoyed for both of them, something was bothering me.

You see when I wrote my “Supernatural Success” book, I didn’t do a “deep dive” on any of those topics that I covered in the book.

This was intentional on my part.

I wanted a book that people would actually read, and then apply what has been taught.

I have so many books that are probably good books, but I have not finished them because they are simply too long.

Just think about how many books you have now, or on your Kindle that are good books that you are going to read one day? 

So, my book had to be something folks could read in no more than 2-3 nights, and POWERFUL enough to generate Supernatural Success for the readers, if they apply what I am teaching.

I clearly accomplished both goals, and really, although those 2 testimonies I talked about are very exciting, what really excites me is when someone lets me know that they are on their second or third reading of the book.

So, I have always wondered If someone could experience that level of “Supernatural Success” just by reading the book, what could happen if someone actually went through a video masterclass, where I could deep dive on what I shared with in the book, and didn’t share because I wanted to keep the book short and concise?

I mean really “deep dive” on these POWERFUL Spiritual Laws that produce results with 100% certainty, in any economy?

It truly is the Million Dollar question and I am happy to announce that the wait is officially over!

Introducing TC Bradley’s Supernatural Success Video Masterclass!

10 Powerful Masterclass Modules

POWERFUL Video deep dive teachings into the spiritual laws you need to focus on right NOW.

A deep dive on each and every chapter in my transformational book!

People will see me on my nationally syndicated television show, and see a picture of success, what they don’t see if the failures that I have experienced in my life.

Gut wrenching, don’t feel like you can live another day type failures.

It’s not easy failing time and time again in front of your family and friends.

It’s frustrating knowing in your “heart to hearts” you have the giftings and talents to succeed, but to fail, while you see other less talented people succeed.

It’s like you are swimming upstream, and let me tell you, it can be EXHAUSTING.

That’s exactly how my life was until I discovered and started applying the spiritual laws that work with 100% certainty, no different than the law of gravity works with 100% certainty.

Was it easy?


Changing your life is never really easy, but I can tell you that it is worth it.

I can tell you that YOU are worth it.

I can tell you if I had to start all over again, these are the Spiritual Laws I would use to rebuild my life.

Swimming upstream against the current is for fish, not me.

So, listen, if you are reading this and you have “sick and tired of being sick and tired”

You are someone that have been hurt so many times throwing “your heart over the bar” and only to fail again.

If you are someone that KNOWS that that they have talents and giftings that are not being brought to the world and there is more to life than what you have be showing up to now.

Have you had enough yet doing it your way?

If you are someone that LOVES the peace of mind that you will have, and the security that you will experience in your life, once you learn these powerful spiritual laws that led to Supernatural Success, then to you, I say welcome home and welcome aboard!

They say “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”

Only you can tell me if “they” are right.

There are what I  “defining moments” in our life, moments when that 1 simple decision could change our life forever.

What I didnt’ tell you before now, is that I almost talked myself out of publishing “Supernatural Success” 

That “little fat man on my shoulder” was whispering in my ear telling me that I didn’t want to publish that book…and all the reasons it would fail.

The “little fat man” tends to only show up during defining moments in our life.

This very well could be a destiny moment for you.

Don’t let that little fat man talk you out of your destiny moment..

Choose wisely.

Here's Why We Could
Realistically Charge $2,000

And Still Sleep Good At Night,
Knowing It's A Great Deal...

Most masterclass programs of this caliber are selling for $2k 

That seems to be the sweet spot on pricing. 

Based solely on the results people have received by just reading the book, $2k would be more than fair for such a program.

The testimonials you saw above are only a few of many testimonials, regarding the teachings you’re about to gain instant access to.

But if you have not noticed, we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

More people are hurting financially than ever before.

More people are suffering financial trauma that have never suffered it before.

Yet, these Supernatural Success laws work in any economy.

Yes, they are that powerful!

So instead of charging you $2,000 for the Masterclass, which I easily could,  I am only going to charge $997, or 12 monthly payments of $99.00

That is more than fair pricing for a program of this caliber and impact, but I want to do something EXTRA  special.

For a very limited time, I am offering a $500 discount to you, so that your complete investment in this POWERFUL Masterclass will be $497 or 6 payments of $99.00

Here is what I am really doing.

I am planting a $500 seed into you life with that discount, you will read about and learn abut the power of planting a seed has in my “Supernatural Success” book, and the video Masterclass, simply put, I am walking my talk.   

That is a real $500 seed being planted because I will return this program back to the retail pricing at some point in the very near future. 

I “walk my talk” when it comes to this topic.

I believe so much in these Spiritual Laws that I am pulling book, “Supernatural Success” off of Amazon, and have printed up a limited number of copies to give to those in desperate need for FREE, (provided they pick up the shipping and handling)

I am planting a seed at a time in Gods people when it is needed the most, and I am doing it again with these POWERFUL video Masterclass video teachings by planting a $500 saws in you, if you enroll now.

Enroll NOW in this POWERFUL Video Masterclass!

“I’ve had the fortune and in some cases misfortune over the past decade to work with a significant number of “Industry Leaders” which qualifies me to say that TC Bradley is undoubtedly a Leader amongst Leaders.”

Cody Butler

Normally $997

Get The Supernatural Success Masterclass for just $497 today!

P.s. HUGE Special Bonus:

45 days after I published the Supernatural Success book, I was asked to appear on a nationally syndicated television show.

It was my first nationally syndicated television appearance, which led me to having my own nationally syndicated television show.

Talk about “Supernatural Success In Action”

It was edited and then broadcast into over 200 Nations and 93 million homes.

I have the UNCENSORED and UNEDITED version that was never broadcast to the public…until now.

When you watch this full uncensored and unedited video interview, your faith will be TRANSFORMED because you now the back story behind that appearance.

I want it to serve as the ROCKET FUEL to activating your God given dreams.

It makes what I am teaching you in the book and in the video masterclass, come to life , right before your very eyes.

1on1 with Damon Davis - Supernatural Success (Uncensored)

It’s the version that wasn’t broadcasted to the public. The 1 on 1 interview Damon Davis did with TC Bradley about Supernatural Success and the spiritual laws he implemented.

Damon dives deep into the claims TC Bradley makes and talks about the results people got from learning the principles.

Normally $997Yours FREE!

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OUR best selling books

TC Discusses His
"Supernatural Success Book"
With Damon Davis

TC Discusses His
"God Made Millionaire Book"
With Damon Davis

Supernatural Success
Video Masterclass

Discover the Spiritual Laws That Operate with 100% Certainty, Regardless Of The Economy, and TRANSFORM Your Life, Your Business, and Your Bank Account!

There Has NEVER Been A Time In Our Life When The Need To Learn These Spiritual Laws That Lead To Supernatural Success Has Been More URGENT!

Introducing TC Bradley’s Supernatural Success Video Masterclass!

God Made Millionaire®
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Apostle David R. Watkins
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FREE Battle Plan

Are you one of the 1000 God Made Millionaires? TC had a near-death experience that changed the course of his life and he often goes to God for support and guidance. God revealed to him that there would be 1000 God Made Millionaires, who would come through the God Made Millionaire program.

If you truly want to be successful, which is what we want for you as well, then you’re going to need a plan. Especially because there is a very real enemy that wants to see you fail. God wants you to succeed and so do we!

God Made Millionaire TV
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You won’t need a Cable Provider or Download any special software to watch!

into the vault


Our take over of daytime television continues today at 4 Pm Est, on The WORD Network with a special edition spin off show of “God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley” called “Into the Vault”
I am taking the gloves off for this debut episode, and talk about my sudden cardiac death that occurred 10 years ago, this past March.

It was very emotional for me to shoot, and even more emotional for our production team and those that have pre-screened this episode.

I sat there in tears as I saw the finished show…people have often asked me what I saw when I died and this show recreates that moment.

Listen, if you know someone that has been given a death sentence over their life, or someone that has something that has died in their life, a church, a business, their finances, their relationship, or their health, and they want it to LIVE again, then THIS IS THE SHOW you want to watch.

If God can breathe LIFE into my dead body after being without a heartbeat or pulse for 1.5 to 2 minutes, he can do a miracle for you.
You can be the conduit to someone’s miracle today, simply by sharing this on your social media and even tagging someone that you know might need a miracle in their life.

This is FULL story that I have waited over 10 years to tell on national television and over 200 Nations.
God says When NOT man!

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