God Made Millionaire Nation is a community of people who have God given dreams with the intent of turning that dream into a 6 or 7 figure business. It’s in this community where you’ll be able to learn God given principles, concepts, and ideas geared towards helping you experience real results.

Unlike your typical business group, our God Made Millionaire Nation is a family of people from all walks of life. Whether you’re an author, a speaker, a coach, or some other type of business leader, we want to help you grow and succeed.

For this very reason, we grant you exclusive access to resources that will help you not only activate that God given dream, but walk in your destiny.

Meet Our Executive Team

TC Bradley

Founder & Host

Vickie Bradley

Founder & Executive Booking Producer

JL Ferren


Apostle JL Cash

Spiritual Overseer

Apostle David R. Watkins

Spiritual Advisor

God Made Millionaire Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are guests that have come on the show more than once. They believe in our vision and we fullfill it as they walk in their purpose.

Pamela Mumm
Chris Cebollero
Simon T. Bailey
Kevin Leonard
Apostle JL Cash
Richard Flint
Stan Lewis
Dr. Clayton Ramsue, MD
Michael Sipe
David Radlo

God Made Millionaire Inner Circle (Group Coaching)

Get in the trenches with us as we coach and mentor you on how to do business and operate with God at the center. By putting God first in all you do, you’ll achieve the success you’re looking for.

TC Bradley has been able to not only prove that for himself and his own businesses, but for countless others as well. Hear from TC, JL Ferren, close friends, business associates, and even clients who will give real insight into real life challenges and success in business.

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