Then You’ll Want To Become A Member Of Our EXCLUSIVE God Made Millionaire® Inner Circle Program!

It’s literally a Dream Activation Center for those chosen few that have been called to become a God Made Millionaire ® and want to FAST TRACK the ACTIVATION of their God given dream with our affordable Inner Circle Coaching and Training program! 

From The Desk Of TC Bradley

To be candid and direct, which is my preferred method of communication, this page and this special offer is NOT going to be for everyone. 

From the time I was young child, I knew in my heart that I was not “normal”.

Normal in the sense that I had BIG dreams when I was a kid. I’m talking really big dreams and I had a LOVE for God. 

I always knew I was going to be a businessman. I carried both the passions of being a big dreamer and my love for God into adulthood. 

The road for me has not been easy and there have been failures more times than I can remember, or care to remember.

But in spite of those failures and despite how many times I was so frustrated at seeing someone else with less talent and ability then me succeed… despite all of those times that I threw my heart over the bar, only to fall again… there was a FIRE that BURNED in my very soul that would not let me quit.

Sometimes it was only an ember, but the fire was still there.

Eventually, I thought I had what I considered major success when I started a direct sales company and brought in a partner. We generated over 1.6 million dollars in sales, averaging over 100k in sales a day, when my partner “terminated” our partnership and told me he was keeping the company.

This hurt me deeply.

Sometimes, what we all need is the “seasoning of time” to see God’s hand in situations that we think were meant to destroy us, were there to protect us.

Within 2 years, my ex-partner bankrupted that company and I had gone on to a successful real estate investing career. I launched my first ever website that sold over a million dollars in product sales with a $97 product and only a $1,500 per month marketing budget.

I say this to tell you that I am a businessman, NOT a Pastor.

The strategies that I teach in my books are based on “real in the trenches” experiences.

Not some “goofy theory” that I read in a book somewhere or saw on YouTube.

Social media is FLOODED with folks who claim that they can take your business to another level, but how can they take you to somewhere THEY have never been themselves?

But I digress.

My second business book that I published, was called God Made Millionaire®

Before I first published my God Made Millionaire book, I was contacted by a Man of God. He told me that while he was in prayer, God told him to tell me that God was going to raise up a minimum of 1,000 God Made Millionaires with what I was doing with God Made Millionaire® and that it was probably going to be more than 1,000.

I thanked him for the call and then I promptly dismissed it until another Man of God called and told me the exact same thing.

God had my FULL attention then. 

This was BEFORE I had a nationally syndicated television show called “God Made Millionaire TV With TC Bradley” 

God plays chess while we play checkers. He is always 10 steps ahead of us.  

You are not called to serve everyone, but you are called to serve someone.

I realize that I am not called to everyone, but I am called to those 1,000 plus that feel that God is calling them to become a God Made Millionaire®. 

This is something that I just know. I cannot explain it to you, but one of my “Superpowers” is to see in others what they cannot see in themselves. I help bring ideas, thoughts, concepts, or revelations to the marketplace on a global scale.

Listen, I have seen first-hand how someone with the proper insights in business can literally TRANSFORM your life forever.

The first website that I built, the one that generated over a million dollars in sales with a $97 product, almost didn’t happen.

I knew the EXACT website that I wanted to have built and the gentleman that I hired to build that website had also built websites for a gentleman who was known for his marketing genius. By the way, the websites that he had built for this gentleman had generated millions of dollars.

He said, “TC, I can build the website the exact way YOU want it, but it probably will not make you money, or I can build it my way and you will be very successful.”

He was right and I had him build me the website the way he wanted to build it.

The rest is history.

Over a million dollars in sales online from a $97 product.

Literally that one decision to listen to someone who had the experience and insights that I did not have, changed my life forever.

Had I built the website that I wanted built, chances are you are not reading this right now.

You are one decision away from a life you have only dreamed of. 

So, I am following the mandate that is on my life to help EMPOWER those 1,000 plus that have been called to become a God Made Millionaire®. I want to help them activate their God given dream and really follow the PROPHETIC mandate that is on their life.

“Sometimes you need an expert, someone that is going to come along beside you and work with you, to make that vision a reality. TC Bradley is just that man.

If you are looking for someone help you get that idea, revelation, concept, or strategy principal out of you and into the world where it belongs, then he’s the guy you want to call.

I have seen him time, and time, and time again, take something that the industry might consider ordinary, and in many cases overlooked, and create EXTRAORDINARY.”

Damon Davis
Nationally Syndicated Television Host

A BIG way that I am going to accomplish this goal, is by establishing the God Made Millionaire®Inner Circle Coaching and Training program. 

If you have read this far, then it’s safe for me to assume that you are one of the ones like me, that are not “normal” and you’ve never been “normal”. You have BIG dreams you have yet to activate. You have plenty of failures and frustrations in the rear view of your life, and like me, the FIRE still burns inside of you and you KNOW that you have a PROPHETIC mandate to become a God Made Millionaire.   

So now, by the hands of fate, you have arrived here at this precise moment at a crossroads of your destiny, with a simple decision that very well may alter the course of your life and generations of your family.

Do I join the God Made Millionaire® Inner Circle?

So that we don’t waste each other’s time, let me tell you the 3 non-negotiable requirements that I have for anyone that wants to join our Inner Circle program.


#1. You must KNOW in your heart that you are called to become a God Made Millionaire ®.

You must have ZERO doubt in your heart and mind that you have been called to be one of the 1,000 God Made Millionaires that I believe that God is raising up in this season and generation.

If that is not you, then that is perfectly fine. We have a free community where you can get plenty of inspiration and motivation to empower you to activate your God given dream.

I don’t believe that every God given dream is tied to finances, but a BIG part of our Inner Circle is and I want keep it exclusively for those that have been called to that level of IMPACT and INFLUENCE.

#2. You must make a VOW to your God to never again limit what he wants to do in your LIFE and thru your life, for the rest of your life.

This is where the accountability comes from. It’s when you do get those revelations and “AHA” moments in our Inner Circle and you still want to play it safe or play small.

If you make that sacred vow to your God, then it will be very hard for you to talk yourself out of it.

It is up to YOU to honor the sacred vow that you have made to your God.

#3. You must acknowledge that your GOD is your sole source of wealth and provision. 

Not some man, and certainly not me or this Inner Circle.

Unlike others in this space, who make promises of great wealth and fortune if you go with their coaching or training program. 

Not here.

REFUSE to make any income claims as a condition for your consideration for joining our God Made Millionaire Inner Circle Community.

I only want you here if you have a PROPHETIC mandate on your life to be here. Not because of some goofy, inflated income claims, or manipulation based tactics.

Here is what I know about GOD given dreams.

They are NEVER “realistic” and God is in the dream business, not the blueprint business.

The BIGGEST reason that people do not activate their God given dream is that they want God to give them the blueprint, or the 10 steps that they need to take to activate their dream.

God doesn’t give you all 10 steps upfront.

He waits until you take the first step before revealing the next step to you.   

Once you take the first step, then and only then does God reveal the next step.

Maybe, just maybe, you are not reading this by accident.

Perhaps, your first step is joining our God Made Millionaire Inner Circle? 

But know this. 

The God Made Millionaire® Inner Circle Community is an EXCLUSIVE Community. 

If you are allowed to become a part of this community, there are no refunds. 

You may have quit on your dreams in the past, but you must be someone that gives me permission to hold you accountable for your commitment here.   

If any of these conditions concerns you at all, I am talking even the littlest tinge of doubt or concern, then please give me permission to relieve you of that concern, or concerns, by telling you that you should NOT sign up for this Inner Circle. 

Really, I mean that. 

You need to honor that feeling because this is DEFINITELY not for you.  

But if this resonated with your spirit from the moment that I said “God Made Millionaire”… if you found yourself saying, “THAT’S ME TC!” as you were reading these words, then this is most DEFINITELY for you! 

Still here?


I am excited for you!

Let’s talk about the God Made Millionaire ® Inner Circle Program and why you are finally in the right place at the right time.

“TC Bradley has been instrumental in my successes around the world.

Without him, without his holding my feet to the fire, him holding me accountable, I would not have gotten here.

I am known all around the world now, I am still traveling, consulting with companies, and have done 7 figures a year…it’s been an awesome journey and without TC Bradley’s intervention in my life, none of this would be happening.”

Stephen J. Young

International Business Consultant And
Highly Sought After Public Speaker 

Stephen J. Young




Specifically designed to EMPOWER and INSPIRE you to activate your God given dream.

Our goal is that each call will provide you with that one “AHA” moment or DIVINE Revelation that changes EVERYTHING for you and EMPOWERS you to activate your God given dream.

Each month, we conduct (4) coaching calls for our members. (Starting in August) 

Millionaire Mindset Training and Business and Marketing Training Calls. 

Millionaire Mindset Training

Millionaire mindset training is critical because you will NEVER out perform your self image. 

A $75k a year mindset will NEVER produce a million dollar company.

Which is where most people miss it.

Think of an Apple Computer.

It operates on programming specifically for Apple products.

Apple products will fail to work on Microsoft products.

Most people are operating on a POVERTY or FAILURE level programming, but it is not their fault.

They are simply producing results based on their programming, often times programming they have received since they were kids.

But that programming can be changed.

If you change that programming to SUCCESS and PROSPERITY, you get a much different outcome.

How important and POWERFUL is this Mindset Training?

Did you know that years ago, a church started teaching these SUCCESS and PROSPERITY principals to their members and the result was over 250 Millionaires? (TRUE Story)

Anyone trying to become successful and still operating with that old failure and poverty based programming is destined to fail. Even if they have moderate success, they end up self sabotaging themselves…because of their programming.

This is why you read stories of people that win the lottery and then become broke within 5 years….they changed their bank account with their win, but NOT their programming. 

So we conduct a Millionaire Mindset training two times each month for our Inner Circle members.(it is THAT important)

Our Millionaire mindset training is non-negotiable if you have a PROPHETIC mandate on your life to become a God Made Millionaire.

Business and Marketing Training Calls:

When God gives you a dream, he doesn’t provide a marketing strategy with it.

That however, is one of my “SuperPowers” and I have the background and RESULTS to back that up. 

Most God given dreams will sputter and eventually fail because folks do not understand how to bring their vision, product, or service to the marketplace.

So they post on free social media websites and then slowly watch as their dream flounders and eventually fades out.

How powerful is the right marketing strategy?

Think about this…

A man became a millionaire by selling rocks that he called “Pet Rocks” back in the 70’s, long before the internet, or social media existed.

He was able to become a millionaire selling rocks because he understood and executed a marketing plan.

“Three days before the Christmas of 2017, I had a vision of doing an event in New York Times Square of experts speaking at NASDAQ. I wasn’t clear on who was going to speak. Over time, it became clear that it would be CEO’s in the niche. About the same time, TC published his book “Supernatural Success”.

In TC’s book, Supernatural Success he mentions, “Life can change for you in a moment.”

From conception to reality in a period of less than 90 days, resulted in one of the biggest events in the space, held in Times Square New York where CEO’s came in from around the world.

End Result, a high six-figure revenue. I never doubted that I could pull it off with the help of Supernatural Success…

TC Bradley is the quintessential leader and mentor”

T Allen Hanes

We lost Mr. Hanes during the Covid Crisis.

We honor his memory and legacy by sharing his inspirational story with others, hoping that it will inspire them to activate their God given dreams, like Mr. Hanes did, and it serves as a reminder to us all that tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

That is the POWER of a marketing strategy that is properly executed.

How would your life be different if you actually had the right marketing plan in place for your God given dream? 

That’s why two times each month, we dedicate a Business and Marketing training on various topics for our Inner Circle members, with Q and A with TC Bradley, and his various guest experts he brings in.  

Remember, you really are 1 insight, revelation, or strategy away from living a completely different life, and truly creating GENERATIONAL WEALTH for your family. You have never been closer to receiving that insight than right NOW!  


Missed a training call?

No worries, it will be archived in our “Members Only Vault” for you to review at your convienence.


Inner Circle members enjoy member discounts in our God Made Millionaire store which houses our training programs and trademarked merchandise.

Inner Circle members also enjoy VIP seating at events and workshops, along with special discounted pricing to attend.

Also, Inner Circle members enjoy discounts on TC Bradley’s PREMIER Book Publishing and Television Media Programs.


Activating a God given dream can be a lonely place to be as often times, you have to go it alone.

This Inner Circle community is special because it is filled with people that believe like you do, that they have a PROHPETIC mandate on their life to become a God Made Millionaire ®. They have made a sacred vow to their God to never again limit what he wants to do in their life and thru their life, for the rest of their life. They believe that their GOD is the SOURCE of their wealth.

If you are going to hang out with or network with anyone, these are the folks you want to hang out and align yourself with.


Whether it is some of our trademarked God Made Millionaire merchandise, or a coveted private “Dream Activation” call with TC Bradley, or a VIP pass to watch a taping of our nationally syndicated television show with a “Meet and Greet” with TC before the show, we believe in sowing back into the God Made Millionaire Inner Circle community each month with a special giveaway.


As a way to say “Thank You” to all God Made Millionaire Founding Inner Circle members, you will immediately be given access to TC’s POWERFUL 10 video masterclass teachings based on his Best-Selling book, “Supernatural Success: Spiritual Laws I Used To Generate Over a Million Dollars Online And Beat Oprah in Website Traffic” as a Founders only special bonus.

One business generated 300k CASH in his business, within 45 days of reading the book.

Imagine what the results will be when you get to listen to TC DEEP dive on the topics he covered in the book as he does in this POWERFUL video masterclass.

This is a limited time Special Bonus for Founding Members only.

“TC taps into his extraordinary special gift born in his own life-transforming experience and belief and reliance on GOD to help transform other people’s lives.

It is more than just mentoring and coaching, it is an experience that will help transform your life.


David Radlo

Industry Disrupter of Multi Billon Dollar Egg Industry With “Eggland’s Best” 

The Investment

When determining a price for our God Made Millionaire Inner Circle program, we were faced with a decision.

Should we price it super low and allow a LOT of people to join the program at the expense of the EXCLUSIVITY of the program? Or price it more in line to what other high priced coaching programs charge, which would cause some good people that deserve to be here, the opportunity to be here?

I KNOW what pricing my Millionaire friends who run masterminds have their programs priced at. The average is $25k and I have seen as high as $250k.  

So we kicked around the idea of $12k per year which would be half of the $25k pricing that it should really be at.

12k just never felt right to any of us, but then we had an idea.

I charge $5,000 for an hour of consulting time. Why don’t we offer folks an entire year? Not for just 1 hour of coaching and mentoring with TC, but a year for 1 payment of $5,000 or 12 monthly payments of $495?

Everybody LOVED that idea and pricing!

We finally all agreed that the retail pricing for the Inner Circle of $4,997 or $495 per month would be the PERFECT price for our Inner Circle.

But then I realized that it still didn’t feel right to me, especially with so many folks that have been hurt financially by the global pandemic.   

My heart is with Gods people who have suffered through this global pandemic, and I want to be good to those people.

I felt the $4,997 was the right price at the wrong time in history.

I have ALWAYS believed in rewarding people that are ACTION takers and take the action, and I have ALWAYS believed in planting a seed in other people’s God given dreams.

So here is what I got the God Made Millionaire team to agree to:


For a very limited time, Founding members of the “God Made Millionaire Inner Circle”, will NOT pay the $4,997 regular price, but for a very limited time, you will receive a JAW DROPPING $3,000 discount!

What we are actually doing is planting a $3,000 seed into your life and your God given dream!

Planting seeds in others has been a bedrock principal of our success…and for now, we are planting that $3,000 seed into your God given dream, if you become a Founding member of the Inner Circle.

Please note: This is only for a limited time, so your investment for the year will be only $1,997.

That averages out to only $38.40 a week, for such a high caliber, EXCLUSIVE Mastermind that our God Made Millionaire Inner Circle is.

Please Note: This is very limited time offering. We reserve the right to withdraw this Founders Special Pricing Offer at anytime without notice.

If you come back here and the page the Inner Circle is priced at the regular pricing of $4,997, there will be no exceptions made.

But we realize that not everyone has $1,997 laying on their night stand, so that no one gets left behind that truly wants to be a part of this ELITE Inner Circle, we came up with a monthly payment option of $197 per month, for 12 months. 

That averages out to $45.46 per week.

This also means that anyone that can afford an internet connection, can afford to be in our God Made Millionaire Inner Circle. No one has to be left behind that has a God Given dream and a PROPHETIC mandate on their life to be here.


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“TC Bradley is a FORCE!

He is such an encourager. He saw something in me that I could not see. Getting out of my way was my biggest hurdle.”

Pamela Mumm

Best Selling Author And Executive Business Consultant



“Without a doubt. TC is the “coach to coaches.”

His vision and ability to get things done.

You want to know how to get something done?

TC is your guy.”

Chris Cebollero

Best Selling Author And Highly Sought After Speaker and Coach 

Chris Cebollero



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