The 10 Minute Premium Segment

This is in essence, a 10-minute infomercial, where we are really telling a story and establishing a powerful narrative that you want to monetize.

This is for someone who is playing at a very high level and is comfortable in front of the camera.

Keep in mind that some people will choose this option and then shoot 2 different 5-minute segments on the same day, changing clothes in between tapings, and then we will air the segments on different days.

So you would have 2 different segments or marketing pieces with completely different narratives.

It also establishes a “Pattern of Authority” in the minds  of your clients by the mere fact that you were invited back to a National TV show for another appearance.

They think maybe the first time you were featured it was luck, but it was not luck the second time.

This is the MOST POPULAR option for ELITE high level entrepreneurs and business leaders!

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