The 3 Minute Spotlight Segment

This interview is the most common in the industry and most clients LOVE this length of interview because it is concise, but very powerful for marketing purposes.

The “Spotlight” interview is perfect for someone that may have never been on TV before because typically the interview format of 3 minutes tends to be less stressful.

Another reason folks LOVE “Spotlight” interviews is that most news programs run 45 second to 1 minute segments, so a 3 minute segment in the minds of the ones watching seems longer and more informative to them.

These “Spotlight” interviews are perfect for that reason and more importantly,  to use in your marketing and funnels.

You will be properly introduced and then asked 3-5 spotlight questions.

Both Business Leaders and Authors LOVE “Spotlight” interviews for their ability to deliver a powerful narrative in a stress free environment, and then use them to generate more business in all of their marketing and funnels.

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