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Landing on this page was not an accident…

However, let’s ensure upfront that this is for you.

 Maybe, you think that it’s too soon or too late to activate your God given dream. You might feel like you’re not qualified to walk in your God given purpose

Well as one of our God Made Millionaires April Vaughn said on our show recently, “God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called”. 

Again, I don’t think you landed here by accident. I think that because you’re on this page right now, that you’re right on time and that you’re here by divine appointment.

Your dream doesn’t have to die in a cemetery!

You know it’s been said that most God Given Dreams are buried six feet below the ground in cemeteries all across the world because people felt unqualified or felt it was too soon or too late to walk in their God given purpose. Fear and doubt held them back from ever achieving what they were put here to do. 

Listen, there will always be obstacles that you run into and it’s the divine providence of God that will get you through it every time. However, I’d like to address an obstacle that isn’t often talked about. I have to talk about this right now because it’s actually one of the biggest obstacles you might ever face.

WARNING: Before you even think about activating your God given dream, you’ll need to get past something big!

One of the biggest obstacles to you walking in your God given purpose and walking in your destiny will be unforgiveness. I recognize that as you’re reading this right now, maybe you’ve had somebody that has taken advantage of you, maybe you’ve had a situation that wasn’t fair or where you weren’t treated right, or a business partner who wasn’t ethical or integrous… 

Back when i first moved to Florida, I started a business with a partner who I trusted like a father figure. Six months into that business I got a call from my ex partner, informing me that he was going to terminate our partnership and keep our million dollar company.

However, I’ll tell you the defining moment in my life!

The reason that I’m not on some bar stool today throwing back whisky sours in the bar, talking about that “skunk business partner” that took me for an actual multi million dollar company

The only reason that I’m attending this divine appointment with you right now is because I had to forgive!

He had my company..

I would not allow him to have my future!

If you’ve been taken advantage of or even if you’ve had a multi million dollar company taken from you, I’m here to tell you that you have to get rid of that unforgiveness.

Before you go on this path of walking in your purpose, you have to forgive!

Within 2 years time my ex partner bankrupted that company and within 2 years time I started a website that launched me on a global basis. It’s the one where we generated over 1 Million dollars online.

Listen, God is able to take what you think is the most devastating moment in your life and turn it into success, but you have to forgive that person who did you wrong and you have to learn to forgive yourself!

If you’re still reading this, then I’m certain you’re not here by accident.

Understand that in order for me to walk into my actual God given purpose, I not only had to forgive… I also had to follow specific principles and laws that were divinely guided towards activating my God Given Dream. 

These same principles and laws are exactly what I want to share with you today by introducing you to:omething big

The God Made Millionaire
Success & Prosperity Activation Bundle

When I look back to that time in 2003 where I generated over $1Million Dollars in online sales with 1 simple product, I activated my God Given Dream, and I know exactly what I did  to make that happen. 

My heart has always been for activating the God given dream within people all around the world, which is why I decided to break down these principles in such a way that it makes sense and it’s something that can be implemented right away. 

Damon Davis
Damon DavisCEO and Founder of Legacy Worldwide and host of the "1 On One Show with Damon Davis" and "The Zoe Life Show"
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"TC Bradley is a one of a kind thought leader"
Dr. Suzanne Jamail
Dr. Suzanne Jamail
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"TC Bradley is a master motivator. His philosophy can enhance the quality of life for anyone. He reminds us, God can supernaturally turn your life around when you think God-like dreams. We weren't created to be mediocre, or to settle."
T. Allen Hanes
T. Allen Hanes
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"God Made Millionaire the sequel to "Supernatural Success" is the secret to the blessings that you deserve in your life. Have faith do the work take the first step.Stop looking to God for money and start looking to God for that 6 and 7 figure dream or idea." Do What Ever It Takes!"
Michael Puskas
Michael Puskas
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"I love TC Bradley's books. They are simple to read with timeless principles, that if applied, WORK 100% of the time. In GOD MADE MILLIONAIRE, I was enlightened by the statement he made, "according to YOUR faith." I received new revelation about that one statement that I had limited understanding of. It changed my thinking!"

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1 on 1 With God Made Millionaire (Uncensored)

It’s the version that wasn’t broadcasted to the public. The 1 on 1 interview Damon Davis did with TC Bradley about God Made Millionaire, weeks before TC even knew he would have his own show.

You’ll learn key principles about business and walking in your God Given purpose that you’ll be able to implement immediately after the show ends.

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The God Made Millionaire Mindset Training Video

Everything starts in the mind. In this never before released training video, you’ll get instant access to lessons that weren’t included in the God Made Millionaire book.

TC Bradley will show you how to take that 6 or 7 Figure idea in your mind and shift it towards a reality that’s full of  success and prosperity!

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Digital Version of
God Made Millionaire

God is up to something big in your life! The time for playing small is over. This powerful e-book is for the one that has the God-Given dream that they have kept hidden until now.

God Made Millionaires ® will be created because of the lessons and inspiration found in this book. Will you be one of them?

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God Made Millionaire Audio Book

Listen to each and every powerful chapter of God Made Millionaire while driving in your car or relaxing in your home. 

TC Bradley will share powerful lessons specifically geared towards activating that God given dream within your heart!

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When Damon Davis interviewed TC Bradley, it was in a private studio. In fact, it was the same studio that Creflo Dollar uses to record his shows. To gain access to the private set where this exclusive interview was recorded and produced, see the behind the scenes activity, and access the private green room, it would cost you $300 per hour to experience that.

 A half-day (4 hours) experience where you’d see never before released training from TC and all of his clients and see all that goes into producing a quality global show that is broadcasted in front of an audience of 200 nations and 93 Million Homes in the United States. That experience alone would be worth every penny and you would walk away with a million dollar model that has already been tested and proven.

However, one of the reasons we can offer this price is because we’re not shipping you anything. You get all the videos, the book, the audio and all the bonuses (found below) INSTANTLY!

Because of that, we’re releasing, “The God Made Millionaire Success & Prosperity Activation Bundle” at the lowest rate possible…

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