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When You Bless Someone Else And It Truly Comes From The Heart, God Will Return That Blessing Back To You Tenfold!

Bless Someone By Sharing The God Made Millionaire TV Show

God honors those who give from the heart. Be a blessing to someone and watch what God does for your life. We have had great feedback from the show. I've received phone calls from people who saw our show and they got right back to working on their God-Given Dream!

All you have to do in order to share our show and bless someone's life is to click the button below to go to our Live Stream Page and then click on one of the social media share icons. Do this every Sunday and watch God begin to transform your life. Watch how many people will appreciate the fact that you shared the show with them. Our Special Guests will appreciate it too, which is why we want to get the backing of the God Made Millionaire Nation!

The goal is for others to do the same for you, when it's time for you to be on God Made Millionaire TV and if you've gotten this far, that is a very real possibility!

Our Show Airs On The Word Network Every Sunday Night at 9:00pm EST And On Our Website

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