into the vault

This show is a “spin off show” of our nationally syndicated television show, “God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley”

On that highly successful television show, we feature people that have activated their God given dreams.

People LOVE our show, but people also wanted to learn how to activate their God given dreams, especially in the area of business.

This is how ‘Into The Vault With TC Bradley” was born and the feedback from our viewers has been overwhelming, People simply LOVE it.

The show is unlike any other on national television in that each show usually contains (2) separate teaching sessions by TC Bradley, that are then combined to make 1 POWERFUL show.

After each show is broadcast on television, these teachings are then uploaded “Into the Vault” on EXCLUSIVELY for our God Made Millionaire community at ZERO costs to you, so that those of you that missed the show, can then watch the segments and be inspired on the steps you can take to activate your God given dream.

It is our way of planting a seed into your life and YOUR God given dream.

You really are 1 instruction away from activating your God given dream and changing your life forever.

And now it is YOUR turn to go “Into the Vault with TC Bradley”