Success it’s your choice

Success is not something for a chosen few; it is not just for the lucky or “fortunate.” Success is a CHOICE. Success can be experienced by anyone who will make the decision to do the things necessary to live the life of their dreams. Your success has already been determined by your Creator. He made you with certain gifts, talents, and abilities that are unique to you. Your true value is hidden in your “unlikeness” to anyone else on earth. Your responsibility is to accept who you are, discover what’s unique about you, and use that difference to create wealth or anything else in life that you desire.Success has different meanings to everyone. However, to be truly successful requires an abundance of wealth. Don’t get turned off quite yet. Read the book, for I hope to prove that wealth is necessary to accomplish any definition of success. It is hard to do anything or to have anything without money. Money is not good or evil. Money is neutral. It is what people DO with money that is good or bad. I wrote this book because I have suffered from a wrong view of success and wealth. I thought success and wealth were for the “chosen few.” I wrote this book because my eyes have been opened and I want to free others from the bondage of lack so they can be FREE to be, do, and have whatever their heart desires. People were created with the innate desire for more. We were not created to just get by and be content with just enough. We have the power within us to create abundance. The ability to succeed is within you, and this book is designed to help you use what you already HAVE to live a highly successful life, filled with abundance in every way.

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