Supernatural Success

I almost did not publish this book.

I wrote it but when it came to publishing the book, I had a little fat man sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear “ You really don’t want to publish this book do you?

After all, a book on “Supernatural Success” should have some “Supernatural Success” by those that read it…what if people read your book and no one likes it or worse yet, no one has “Supernatural Success?”

That little fat man had a point, I was taking a huge risk in publishing this book, after all, a tree is known by the fruit it bears right?

I really don’t think that little fat man on my shoulder only messes with me.

I think he works over those that GOD’S people pretty good, especially when they start to activate their God-given dreams.

I hit the publish button that day and my life has never been the same.

Within 45 days of publishing this book, I signed a major TV deal to appear on a nationally syndicated TV show and within a year after that, I signed another TV deal to host my own nationally syndicated TV show “God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley” that airs in 200 Nations and 93 million homes on Sunday Night on the WORD Network.

This would have NEVER happened if I listened to that little fat man that day.

I think we allow that little fat man to talk us out of our GOD given dreams more than we care to admit.

Readers have also experienced “Supernatural Success” after reading this book.

There is the businessman who generated over 300k CASH into his business account within 45 days of reading this book.

Then there is the single Mom whose Dad bought her this book and sent it to her on her birthday who generated 10k in the month of December.

Of course, you can read the reviews here as well but let’s just say that the little fat man was wrong.

Your life can be touched, moved, and inspired and bank accounts can be transformed if you learn the Spiritual Laws that lead to Supernatural Success!

Inside this success and prosperity book, you’ll find:

•How I was able to place an ad in the USA Today on a Christmas day and signed up the gentleman who would become the #1 income earner in that direct marketing business.

•How I was able to build a multi-million-dollar company within 6 months, only to lose it to a bad partnership, and then completely recover within 2 years.

•How I was able to sell over a million dollars of product with his first website, and within 2 years beat Oprah in website traffic, knowing extraordinarily little about the internet, and with a $1,500 a month marketing budget.

•How a friend used a spiritual law to increase his network marketing income to over 100k a month within 6-9 months.

•The life-altering spiritual law that propelled a single mom from barely surviving to owning her own waterfront resort, and massive success.

•How that the first book that I ever wrote hit the Best Seller list, beating out notable names like Joel Osteen and TD Jakes for a day or two on the Amazon Best Seller list.

To think, I almost did not publish this book.

Never let that little fat man talk off of your giftings or your God-given assignment.

Not ever.

You NEVER know what GOD has for you on the other side of that YES!

Say YES to your GOD given dreams and tell that little fat man to take a hike!

“These Spiritual Laws operate with 100% certainty each and every time.”
TC Bradley

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