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Special TV Offer # 1

Limited Time Offer
$ 39
  • Transforming Your Mind For Success & Prosperity 45 Minute Teaching
  • God Made Millionaire Full Interview (Uncut Version)
  • God Made Millionaire Book (digital version)
  • God Made Millionaire Audio Book

    Get the complete God Made Millionaire 2020 Accellerator Booster package which includes a special teaching by TC Bradley on Transforming your mind for success and prosperity. You'll hear about people who have already read the book and have seen results in their lives. People who have received the instruction needed to begin living a God Made Millionaire lifestyle!

Special TV Offer # 2

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  • Transforming Your Mind For Success & Prosperity (Training Only)

    Everything starts in the mind. TC Bradley will show you how to take that idea in your mind and shift it towards reality. A reality full of success and prosperity which is exactly what God wants for all his children.

Special TV Offer # 3

Limited Time Offer
$ 29
  • Supernatural Success Bonus Training Video (14 Minute Teaching)
  • Supernatural Success Full Interview (Uncut Version)​
  • Supernatural Success Book (digital version)
  • Supernatural Success Audio Book

    In this exclusive training, you'll discover the exact ​Spiritual Laws that TC Bradley used to beat Oprah in website traffic and generate over a million dollars in sales. These spiritual laws are derived directly from the Bible and are specifically primed for you to use through the power of God.

    Factual testimony beats theological theories any day and we dare anyone to put these laws to the test.