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Watch the show and be inspired by our special guests who have already activated their God Given Dream and are going after their goals and dreams. You can also find out how to connect with our guests if their involved in something you’d be interested in or if you just want to network. Remember, your network is your net-worth!

Our show we’ll continue to be the launching pad for faith based entrepreneurs to activate their God Given Dream! We all the episodes below!

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Season 1 – Part 2 Of God Made Millionaire TV

Episode 1 6

TC Bradley interviews Sonya Dunbar on how she helps Senior Citizens, a forgotten generation. He also interviews Dr. Jeff Radford on his new book, “Mercy Leadership”.

Episode 17

TC Bradley interviews Neuroscience Expert,  Dr. Matt Mannino on how to unlock the power God already planted in you that generates healing and prosperity! It’s time to see the Doctor and let him tell you what’s really holding you back. Not what you think!

Episode 18

Tonight, we bring back the Success Doctor, Ron Eccles along with his wife Johanna Eccles as they talk about the release of Unstoppable and the ROAR movement! They’ll talk about their approach to making 7 figures while walking in the gift and calling that God has given you.  

Episode 19

TC Bradley interviews Chief of Police Kelvin Waites on his new book “Never Have a Bad Day”. TC also asks Chief Waites about what is happening in the United States and the challenges he faces in his local community.

Episode 20

TC Bradley interviews Pamela Mumm on her ability to help other perform through their uniqueness. He also interviews Richard Flint as he discusses how to gain clarity in a confusing world.

Episode 21

TC Bradley interviews legendary speaker and author Richard Flint on the 5 things every human being wants to have and speaker Mike House on a powerful message he has for the youth. See what Mike said that shocked the entire studio!

Episode 22

TC Bradley interviews life coach and speaker Shawn Decker. Shawn discusses the physical, mental, and emotional roller coaster that nearly cost him his life and the one thing that caused a shift in a better direction. It has helped him start a six figure business, have better relationships, help the youth, and have more peace of mind!

Episode 23

TC Bradley interviews author Ricco MCadory on his book, “Your God Given Identity” and how to win from within even when you feel lost. He also interviews author and dental hygienist Sonya Dunbar on her mission to Save Seniors from the deadly effects of poor oral car that nobody else is talking about!

Episode 24

TC Bradley interviews author, coach, and consultant Glenn Carver on his new book, “8 Transformational Attitudes For Leadership, Life, and Relationships” and how God let him to make a major life changing decision. TC also interviews April Vaughn on her real estate investing business and her assignment to revitalize neighborhoods and communities.

Episode 25

In this episode, TC Bradley interviews “The Credit Profesor, Regis Sauger has a goal to grow his non-profit organization that helps God’s Special Angels, as he calls them, by using his expertise in the area of credit repair. Learn 3 ways to instantly repair your credit and how you paid $750 for a ham sandwich without even realizing it!

Episode 26

In this episode, TC Bradley interviews Stan Lewis a coach and consultant who has a mission for helping kids with college scholarships through an organization called “Folds of Honor” TC also interviews #1 Best Selling Author Kevin Leonard on his book Ultimate Success, which helps you break the chains of mediocrity to transform your life. 

Episode 27

In this episode, TC Bradley interviews Catherine M. White on her approach to helping businesses break beyond even and get the toolbox they need to grow their profit potential exponentially. She a successful coach and author who even created a model called P.O.W.E.R.R. that helps businesses get to the next level.

Episode 28In this episode TC Bradley interviews, “The Level Up Doc”, Dr. Clayton Ramsue. As a retired navy and air force veteran, he has been able to thrive in environments where people didn’t look like him, speak like him, or even face the type of challenges he had to face.

Watch as TC Bradley gets Dr. Ramsue to open up about the challenges he faced, along with his transition into coaching and consulting in the medical field.

Episode 29In this episode TC Bradley interviews, Dr. Anne Arvizu about how she transitioned from Corporate America into starting her own business which saw six figures in the first year!

But it wasn’t that easy… At one point she had a major set back that caused her to hit rock bottom and lose everything. However, she was able to recover within a year and position herself as a top consultant in her industry. How did she do it? HINT: She did it from her C-O-R-E

Episode 30In this episode TC Bradley interviews, Dr. Billy Alsbrooks. Dr. Billy was a up and coming rap artist who made it to #18 of the billboard charts. He was fully immersed into the Hollywood fast life with the money, the cars, and the fame! Suddenly a tragic event took it all away at Billy Alsbrooks found himself at rock bottom. Find out what he did to bounce back and become Dr. Billy Alsbrooks along with being a top motivational speaker and YouTube Influencer with over 32,000,000 views and 58,000 subscribers

Episode 31In this episode TC Bradley interviews, Dr. Julwel Kenney. Dr. Kenney knows from personal experience how damaging a person’s words can be and yet how much more powerful God’s words can be to help you truly unlock your greatness. 

She went from being bullied and picked on for not being able to speak properly and looking different to now holding two PHDs, two master’s degrees, a Bachelor’s degree and she’s the author of 4 Best Selling Books!And now she’ll be speaking to over 200 nations on our show, God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley!

All we can say is she has a powerful word for somebody and these words will leaving you feeling like you can conquer the world! Overcome self doubt and procrastination with Dr. Kenney on God Made Millionaire TV!

Episode 32In this episode TC Bradley interviews best selling author and business strategist, J. Brian Pearson. 

Brian Pearson talks about how he felt hopeless and as if he wasn’t good enough, even going back to the age of 9. 

How and why was his life spared? How did he transform the limiting beliefs that were holding him back and unlock The Warrior Inside? Find out on God Made Millionaire TV!

Season 1  – Part 1 Of God Made Millionaire TV

Episode 1 

TC Bradley interviews Lee Shelby on his traumatic accident that cost both his hands and Deante Section on his mandate to Break The Cycle of Generational Poverty!

Episode 2 

TC Bradley interviews Tonia Morris on her workshop for empowering women, Michael Puskas on his new book, and Kevin & Ramona Kellog on their Property Management business.

Episode 3

TC Bradley interviews Chris Cebollero on leadership, Bianca Modo Isom on her product line and saving girls from sex trafficking, and Kevin Bailey on his new approach to fitness.

Episode 4

TC Bradley interviews Simon T. Bailey on his ability to help others shift to Brilliance. He also interviews Phyllis Solis Friderich as she educates parents on how students can survive the financial hurdles of college.

Episode 5

In this episode, TC Bradley interviews #1 Best Selling Author Lisa Donner as she talks about her specialization in Multi-Unit Real Estate. TC also brings CEO of God Made Millionaire JL Ferren to discuss the vision of the company.

Episode 6

TC Bradley interviews Kevin Leonard, Michael Puskas and Chris Cebollero as they talk about their God Given Dreams and what it took to get where they are right now. It’s a strong lineup on the topic of success and leadership that you don’t want to miss!

Episode 7

In this episode, TC Bradley interviews Dr. Ron Eccles, “The Success Doctor” on his program to help people get through the obstacles that can hold them back from achieving true success and he brings Simon T. Bailey back to talk more about his program that helps people shift towards brilliance.

Episode 8

TC interviews John and Christy Berry who are a power couple investing in real estate together. He also interviews his CEO JL Ferren on the direction of God Made Millionaire and Elsa Palmer Oden on her virtual assistance company that helps disabled veterans get back to work.

Episode 9

In this episode, TC Bradley interviews Inventor and CEO Ruth Young-Loaeza on her journey from being homeless to building an empire, all from a unique invention God gave her the idea for. An invention that even helped her structure an exclusive deal with Mike Lindell, Inventor and CEO of “My Pillow”

Episode 10

April Vaughn brings a fearless and empowering presence, not only to our show, but to the Real Estate Investing world. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and tonight she’ll reveal how she got started without any formal training along with being the CEO of her very own company! 

Episode 11

A musician on God Made Millionaire TV? That’s right! We went there and oh boy, “What a difference it makes” for our show. Tonight we’ll be taking it to the south side with TC Bradley interviewing world renowned musician and pastor, Apostle JL Cash.

Episode 12

In this episode TC Bradley interviews #1 Best Selling Author and a Top Motivational Speaker Lee Shelby on his incredible comeback after a traumatic event that caused him to lose both his hands.TC will also be interviewing “The Biking Bishop” who at one point managed “Little Richard” before becoming homeless on the streets living out of a cardboard box.

Episode 13 – The Battle Plan

In this episode, TC Bradley interviews his CEO JL Ferren on the direction of God Made Millionaire and their mandate to activate the God Given Dream of others. TC and JL reveal how to know if you’ve been called to be a God Made Millionaire and what to do to begin walking in your purpose!

Episode 14 – God Made Millionaire

For those of you that have seen the show and have seen what we’ve been up to with God Made Millionaire, I want you to challenge yourself and watch this special edition episode through a different lens.

Knowing what you know about the show today and the guests that have been featured on there… Look at this show today, as it shows where we were and where we are today. Tonight at 9pm EST, we answer those burning questions. Full Transparency!

Episode 15

TC Bradley is back in the hot seat with host Damon Davis who will be grilling TC on whether or not his Supernatural Spiritual Laws really work and what they have to do with activating your God given dream!

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