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Paid Members will have full access to God Made Millionaire Success Academy for their level and receive live coaching and training from TC Bradley, myself, and other Corporate Partners!Now we will begin showing you what God Made Millionaire is really all about by literally helping you as you walk in your purpose and activate your God Given Dream!Sincerely, 

JL FerrenCEO Of God Made Millionaire

Latest Episodes of God Made Millionaire TV

Episode 32  “The Warrior Inside” Featuring Brian Pearson

Episode 31  “Powerful Words of Greatness” Featuring Dr. Julwel Kenney  

Episode 30 “Blessed & Unstoppable”Featuring Dr. Billy Alsbrooks

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Finally, the missing puzzle piece that will help you activate your God given dream and make it a reality! 

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Discover the exact spiritual laws TC Bradley used to generate over $1.3 Million Dollars In Online Sales and was able to beat out Oprah in website traffic.

This is a very important aspect of our Success Academy! It’s literally what has allowed us to launch a TV Show and speak to the nations

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Coming Soon! This area will be updated as soon as we begin our first coaching and training call, which will begin very shortly! Stay Tuned!Get exclusive access to live coaching and training by TC Bradley, JL Ferren and Corporate Partners of God Made Millionaire

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Coming Soon… We will be revamping the Free God Made Millionaire Battle Plan for all of our Free Members!Corporate and VIP Partners will receive exclusive training on this within the Success Academy!With that being said, we have provided our personal God Made Millionaire Battle Plan for Free Members to check out.

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Do you have a story you want to share with the world? Have you always wanted to write  but you weren’t sure how to get started?

Would you like to know how to write and publish a #1 Best Seller in 90 days? Schedule a call with our publishing team and let us show you the process from start to finish on how to do it the right way!  

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Share your message with over 200 nations and 130 Million + Homes across the globe on our show God Made Millionaire TV!

We feature all of our guests on The Word Network and The Black News Channel every Sunday!

We built it! God has ordained it! Now is your time to stop playing small and activate your God given dream at a high level!

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