College Survivor

College Survivor is a one of a kind book and very different than current resources for scholarship application. Other resources provide where, when and why. College Survivor teaches you HOW. How is the missing link and the gold. College Survivor Strategy is the heart of the book. It is the HOW. College Survivor Strategy (chapter 15) employs the S.T.A.R. method or Situation, Task, Action, Results. SITUATION – you will identify your current financial and employment situation which will lead to the next step. TASK – you will learn the process of gathering your resources and learning how to organize your resources which will lead to the next step. ACTION – you will learn how to create your personalized action plan for execution which leads to the last step. RESULTS – You will learn how to track your winnings and once again evaluate your situation so that you may begin the cycle again. As a precursor to the College Survivor Strategy, chapter 13 encourages and teaches you how to develop your Dream Team so that you may be more successful as you approach the College Survivor Strategy. College Survivor has specific sections designed for parents, college students, high schools students, single parents and adults returning to college. College Survivor is comprehensive such that it provides more than just a strategy. Additional sections address myths and misconceptions, money issues, the art of saving money in college (Silly Rich vs. Smart Poor), understanding Need vs. Want, Balancing your life, Time Block Management, Parent Mentoring and more. College Survivor is written from a mom and student perspective in real time. There are 17 chapters that cover every aspect of the college experience. College Survivor consistently inspires parents and college bound students to aim for the stars. College Survivor is a must

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