Affluent Minds

We all have naysayers, pull-you-downers, and energetic manipulators at work or at home. In this guide to developing a mindset of affluence, and a resilient core, Anne Arvizu highlights their influence and offers an alternative mindset. By combining best practices to achieve success with the power of coaching, she offers a blueprint to:

• unravel beliefs that prevent success;

• rekindle core values to make yourself and the world better;

• engage in servant leadership to achieve objectives;

• trust and tap into your inner knowledge;

• redefine work-life balance

Arvizu also examines ten disciplines that will help you walk through the fires of every tough situation and come through like gold. Critical traits and skills, such as persistence, communication, and delegation will allow you to pursue your vision and be a propagator of efficiency.

Whether you’re seeking to identify core values, make a career pivot, change your attitude or balance your life, you can claim a mindset of success with the insights and lessons in Affluent Minds.

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