Before You Say “I Do” To Entrepreneurship

Look around at work and ask yourself: “Do I feel stuck and want out?” “Is there a different life and career I crave?” “Is this 9-to-5 job the path to happiness or fulfillment, or is ‘job security’ a lie I was told that’s keeping me from my dreams?” Whether you’ve always been inclined toward entrepreneurship or have recently entered into a new phase of your life and want to explore having your own business venture, there’s never been a better time to overcome your fear and obstacles, to let go of the employee mindset, and to rewrite your career story. Choosing full-time entrepreneurship is a lot like committing yourself to marriage. It’s a journey that requires a new mindset, a great deal of work and passion, and an unwavering commitment. But if you’ve ever worked for someone else, you know you’re capable of this — you’ve just been putting all your energy into building someone else’s dream instead of your own. All you need now are Tonia Morris’s tried-and-true steps for making the transition from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. Are you ready? Great, get started with this resource.

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