Never Have A Bad Day

4 months before this book was published, I had an argument with God about playing BIG.God let me know that I was playing too small on the safety of the shoreline.I saw some areas in my life where I had limited my GOD by “playing it safe.”I made a solemn vow to God that day to never limit what my GOD wanted to do in me or through me until the die I died.I realized that day that we tend to hang out on the safety of the shoreline, when in reality GOD is calling us to the deep waters.It is in those deep waters that our destiny is found. 5 months after publishing this book, I signed the contract with one of the largest Christian based television studios to do a nationally syndicated TV show, named after this book, “God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley” which is now seen in 93 million homes and 200 Nations on The WORD Network, Sunday night, at 9 PM Est. There is no way that I sign that major television deal without GOD calling out about “playing it safe” on the safety of the shoreline, 4 months before I had even published this book.And just so we are clear, having my own Nationally syndicated, prime time TV show was NEVER on my bucket list at any point in my life.Perhaps you can relate to this story and you feel like God is calling you and that God-given dream to the deep waters, which is the only place your destiny can be found. If you believe like I do that a tree is known by its fruit, then this book is certainly qualifies for your attention.Chapter titles inside this powerful book are as follows:★Chapter 1. GOD NEVER Called Anyone To Take A Vow Of Poverty.★Chapter 2. The Elevator To The Penthouse.★Chapter 3. You are Already A God Made Millionaire…You Just Don’t Know It Yet!★Chapter 4: You’re Going To Have To Say NO To The King!★Chapter 5. From Cavemen to Billionaires…True story.★Chapter 6. Sometimes You Have To Make A Statement!★Chapter 7. What You SEE Is What You Get!★Chapter 8 A BLESSING To All Nations!★Chapter 9. There Is No Such Thing As A “Self-Made Millionaire”★Chapter 10. Never Allow Others To Define You!★Chapter 11. GOD Gives Million Dollar Dreams, Not Million Dollar Blueprints!★Chapter 12: GOD Is NOT Sending You A Million Dollar Check In The Mailbox…Millionaire Mentality.I believe that GOD is up to something BIG in your life, really BIG, or you would not be reading these words.I think you have been playing small long enough and GOD is saying that NOW is the time for YOU to rise up and walk in your God-Given purpose!I believe God Made Millionaires ® will be created because of the lessons and inspiration found in this book. I really do.Will you be one of them?Its time for YOU to dream BIG again!It is time for you to go to the deep waters.Your destiny and Your God await you there!If you are “sick and tired of being sick and tired” and of playing life “small” then this book will star you on a new journey.”There’s a generation of millionaires, of God Made Millionaires that God is going to raise up. God will give you a 6 or 7 figure dream, NOT a 6 or 7 figure check.”TC Bradley

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