Special Edition: God Made Millionaire TV Reair

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After writing 3 #1 Best Sellers, signing a major TV Deal, and just signing on with another network, it would appear that what TC Bradley talks about in his first global interview actually works. What some see as accidental or plain luck, he sees as intentional and completely backed by God. 

How do you explain God Made Millionaire TV having 16 guests lined up before the first episode even aired? How do you explain God Made Millionaire TV remaining on the air through a global pandemic, while other major tv shows decided to air re-runs or cancel completely? How do you explain a brand new network watching one episode and approving the show immediately to air in their Sunday Morning line up with major heavy hitters in the faith based community. 

What you’re seeing isn’t just coincidental success…. What your seeing is in fact Supernatural Success and that’s exaclty what Damon Davis and TC Bradley will be discussing tonight!

Tune in tonight at 9:00pm EST on The Word Network or you can watch it from your phone, computer, or tablet on our website at www.GodMadeMillionaire.com/live

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Season 2:

Episode 20

Performance & Behaivor
Featuring Pamela Mumm & Richard Flint

Episode 19

"Never Have A Bad Day" Featuring Chief of Police Kelvin Waites

Episode 18

The Return Of The Success Doctor! Featuring Dr. Ron and Joanna Eccles

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Success Activation
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Dr. Jeff Radford

Season 1:

Some Of Our Special Guests Who Appeared On God Made Millionaire TV

Apostle JL Cash

Dr. Ron Eccles

Kelvin Waites

Bianca Modo Isom

Kevin & Ramona Kellog

Dr. Jeff Radford

Simon T. Bailey


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