God Made Millionaire TV - Episode 31 Featuring Dr. Julwel Kenney

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Powerful Words of Greatness

In life, we will run into people who will speak words over you that literally propel towards greatness. And yet, there will also be people who will speak ill towards you and will speak words that are intentionally spoken to push you to rock bottom. These negative words have power too.

In fact they have so much power that it literally fuels self doubt and self doubt causes you to walk far from where God has intended you to walk. How do you overcome self doubt?

Our next guest, Dr. Julwel Kenney knows from personal experience how damaging a person’s words can be and yet how much more powerful God’s words can be to help you truly unlock your greatness.

She went from being bullied and picked on for not being able to speak properly and looking different to now holding two PHDs, two master’s degrees, a Bachelor’s degree and she’s the author of 4 Best Selling Books!

And now she’ll be speaking to over 200 nations on our show, God Made Millionaire TV with TC Bradley!

All we can say is she has a powerful word for somebody and these words will leaving you feeling like you can conquer the world! Overcome self doubt and procrastination with Dr. Kenney on God Made Millionaire TV!

HOW TO WATCH: Our show will air on The Black News Channel (BNC) on Sunday Morning at 7:30am EST and on The Word Network on Sunday Night at 9:00pm EST. You can also watch the live stream on our website at GodMadeMillionaire.com/live

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