God Made Millionaire TV Episode 15
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Episode 15
Tonight will be another Special Edition of God Made Millionaire TV where TC Bradley will once again be the guest . Damon Davis will be grilling TC about biblical spiritual laws he claims to have used to achieve great success. However, he was not ready for TC and what he had to share…
When the idea came about to release this to the world (years ago), TC was attacked on all fronts (I witnessed this personally) and almost didn’t release what you’re about to hear about.
All I can say is do not tune out the truth because everything that is happening today is part of a much bigger agenda. The goal of our show is to combat it on all fronts and that starts with you tuning in to  our live stream at 9:00pm EST  www.GodMadeMillionaire.com/live

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Some Of Our Special Guests Who Appeared On God Made Millionaire TV

Bianca Modo Isom

Kevin & Ramona Kellog

Simon T. Bailey