How To Fund a Cause Through Business with Bianca Modo Isom


According to multiple online and offline sources, the United States has been ranked one of the worst countries for Human Sex Trafficking.

I didn’t want to believe it. Not the “greatest nation” on Earth. But the numbers don’t lie and nor do the lives of the innocent victims that suffer from it.

The statistics are mind blowing and the fact that this henious crime has pulled in literally billions of dollars of profit, lining the pockets of evil people, truly disgusts me.

But what can be done?

Although the U.S has implemented some regulations and protection agreements for victims of human sex trafficking, it’s still not enough.

Something more has to be done.

I’ve often talked about businesses I’ve been involved in or businesses that friends or associates are involved in and certainly one of the primary purposes of being in business is to make a profit and create a better life for yourself.

But it’s also to make a difference!

A God given dream is where you become blessed and in turn you bless others exponentially.

That’s exactly what Bianca Modo Isom has decided to do with her business. Her goal is to help young girls who have become victimized by sex trafficking and she’s using her business to fund that effort.

How is she able to do it? What business will allow her to accomplish this?

You’ll have to tune in to God Made Millionaire TV tonight at 9:00pm EST to learn more about it, as Bianca reveals her approach to carry out her god given assignment.

Check it out on The Word Network or go to our website and watch the live premier at No sign in required. Just stream it straight from your phone, computer, or tablet.

Don’t miss it and be sure to share this post with your family and friends.


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