No Hands And No Excuses

As one of the leading motivational voices of today, Lee Shelby shares his zest for life through his story of triumph over tragedy. After an occupational injury, Lee lost both of his hands and faced life from a new perspective. His challenges bring insight and inspiration to living your best life, no matter what the circumstances. Lee’s tenacity and No Excuses attitude is contagious. This book challenges you to confront seven of the most common excuses that hold people back from achieving their goals and dreams.Excuses are easy, but You will learn to recognize and confront your excuses, so you can make an internal shift. By the end of this book, you will have the tools to break the cycle of excuses. Lee Shelby is one of the most sought after motivational and safety speakers today. As a thought leader and best-selling author, he has empowered people around the world through his interactive, educational, and heartfelt conviction. He has the unique ability to combine humor, compassion, and authority to convey his message. As one of the leading motivational voices of today, Lee relates his occupational injury, his recovery to work, and the challenges he has faced in such a way that will change the hearts and minds of everyone who hears his message.

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