Unscarred: Prayers for Healing

“You’re ready to get over this hurt that has held you confined for many years. You’re ready to quit being a victim and let go of all the shame, guilt, anxiety, and fear. You’re in college or you’re already working in your career, but you’re still being haunted by the memories of your past. And worse, you’re still attracting relationships that mimic the abuse and misuse you’ve already escaped. God wants to come into your life to remake and heal you”.

Unscarred: Prayers for Healing is a spiritual self-help audiobook for anyone who has been abused physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually, or those who have been misused in relationships looking to heal and find forgiveness so that they can thrive. Bianca Modo takes you on a powerful journey inside her own struggles and creates an atmosphere of trust, forgiveness, overcoming guilt, shame, anxiety, and fear, and gives insight on the path of healing.

Bianca Modo breaks down your healing with digestible and easy to listen sections that cover:


  • Releasing worry and surrendering to God’s will for your life
  • Understanding who you are in the Kingdom and how your mistakes won’t change your destiny
  • Overcoming shame and guilt that can keep you stagnant in your relationships and life endeavors
  • Learning how to forgive…Even forgiving the people that never apologized
  • Healing your heart so you can attract blessings, favor, and new relationships
  • Transforming how you feel about yourself
  • Understanding the gift of discernment which helps you make decisions with wisdom and not fear
  • Breaking the generational cycle of abuse and misuse, so that your future generations can also thrive and have healthy relationships

With a loving, encouraging, and honest touch, Bianca Modo guides her worldwide listeners on a transformational journey to becoming who they were truly meant to be while releasing the fears and excuses used as a crutch to avoid or even hinder, the greatness destined for their lives.

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