Break The Cycle With Deante Section


Generational poverty

It’s a real thing!

Some families out there barely have enough food to eat, barely enough clothing to last throughout the week, barely enough gas to get to work,barely have enough time to spend together… to strengthen the bond they already have even more, barely have enough money to buy the essentials, plus more to have the finer things in life.

God didn’t call us to a life of poverty!

I’ve been blessed many times but, there’s no way I’d act like I’ve never been in situations like these before… It honestly sucks… Some how.. through the grace of God, I’ve always kept my family and I afloat.

Growing up you see how your parents and grandparents, and maybe even great grand parents handle certain situations… and typically they make due. They do the best they can with what they know how. But this is an on going cycle that is passed down from generation to generation… Rinse, Wash, Repeat…

Certain beliefs and principles get passed down and we tend to create this cycle where we are always making due… living paycheck to paycheck and delaying or giving up on achieving our true greatness. Again, generational poverty is a real thing and it takes someone who recognizes this as a problem and actually want to do something about it for the cycle to end

Ladies and Gentlemen… We have to Break The Cycle!

That phrase has always made my spirit move in a certain way…

We truly have to break the cycle and educate those around us to do the same!

We have to:

  • Break The Cycle of living paycheck to paycheck!
  • Break the cycle of not having enough food to put on the table!
  • Break the cycle of calling Oodles & Noodles a meal!?
  • Break the cycle of not having enough clothes to put on our back!
  • Break the cycle of not having enough time to spend with our children!
  • Break the cycle of not going on more family vacations!
  • Break the cycle of delaying or giving up on going after your dream!

My good friend Deante Section has taken that assignment to heart and his agenda is simple… “Break The Cycle of Generational Poverty”.

But some reading this may be thinking…

“JL that’s easier said than done… You don’t know what I’ve been through.”

It’s true, I don’t know what you’ve been through… However, I do know you can Break The Cycle of thinking like that!

How do I know?

Because Deante Section will show you exactly how to do that, as he’s been doing so for over 10 years. Be sure to tune in to our new show God Made Millionaire TV this Sunday Night February 23rd, 2020 at 9pm EST.

This is the first opportunity you’ll get to see our new set and also see TC Bradley interview special guests like Deante L Section. You can watch this exclusive interview on Television (The Word Network) or you can watch it online! Heck you could even watch it on your cell phone!

This is a must see interview! I’ve personally seen it 3 times and I actually saw it when it was recorded live. It’s really that good! Check it out and let’s Break The Cycle together!

Be sure to share this with all your friends and family!


Check out Break The Cycle FX Below:


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