No Hands, No Excuses with Lee Shelby


Time… Money… Skills… Emotional State… Blame

In my opinion, these are some excuses people turn to when you ask why they aren’t pursuing their goals or God Given Dream. They’ll say:

“I don’t have enough time to lose weight”

“I don’t have enough money to invest in my future”

“I don’t have the skills that it takes to learn this business”

“I’m not in the right state of mind or I have a lot going on right now, so I can’t focus on that”

“So and So won’t let me be great or So and So is holding me back”

The problem isn’t when you’re facing these type of situations temporarily… As we all know, things happen! But when it happens over and over again for years and years…

It transitions from a temporary situation, to a permanent excuse…

Let me ask you this…

What dream has God implanted in your heart? Out of 7 Billion + people in this world, God chose you to carry out a specific dream.

A dream that keeps you awake at night.

A dream that others say is impossible

A dream that seems pretty scary, but also seems to be something you can still accomplish…

ONLY if you just had… more time, more money, the right skills, the right emotional state… or no one to hold you back… right?


God didn’t give you the dream to make excuses about why you can’t carry it out. He gave you the dream with what you have right now and where you are right now, knowing that you already have what it takes…

Why disqualify yourself, if you’ve been qualified by God?

So many fail to take the next step because they make excuse after excuse and they decrease their faith in God without even realizing it.

“If God has faith in you, why not have faith in him?”

I know a guy who literally lost both his hands due to a fatally devastating accident. Not one hand… Both! Yet he wakes up every day and makes no excuses. He lives his best life. He lives out his God Given dream day in and day out.

When I first met Lee Shelby we clicked within like 30 seconds and instantly had a connection. This is when I found out that he wrote two #1 Best Sellers and travels the country speaking to different organizations about safety.

I watched him as he did so many things without any hands… So many things he did that he could have easily made an excuse for and said… “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do that”

But it’s not even a thought in his mind…

His mindset can be boiled down into 4 words..

No Hands… No Excuses

I sat and wondered…how in the heck do you even come back from an accident that cost you both your hands and you turn that into the catalyst for becoming and doing greater things, inspiring others, and not blaming anyone for what happened…

This is the mindset you have to adopt.. where you can live your best life, regardless of your circumstances.

If you want to overcome any circumstance and live out your God Given dream without falling into the trap of making excuses, then you need to check out my good friend Lee Shelby this Sunday Night at 9pm EST on The Word Network.

TC Bradley will be asking Lee some tough questions and also pulling back the curtain on his life and how he is able to do what he does every day. I”ll tell you when I was watching it live, it was tough to hear because Lee has been through so much. But what he had to say about overcoming life’s challenges was quite inspirational and it’s not something you’re going to want to miss.

Tune in Sunday night at 9pm EST (February 23rd, 2020) on The Word Network OR you can live steam it on your Computer, Tablet, or Cellphone via our website at

I saw it live and even I’ll be watching it again because it’s really that good of an interview! Don’t miss it! Share this post with your family and friends, so they can watch it too!

We don’t want them making excuses either! 


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